Friday, May 7, 2010

Save Your Pennies

Do you see the ancient pirate medallion in this picture?

Sometime last year, my husband started collecting all of his spare change in a jar. Apparently, most men consider it undignified to jingle-jangle when they walk; at least, that was my father’s opinion. He usually just gave his loose change to me, his thrifty child. I was also the one who would go on money-earning expeditions throughout the house, scouring underneath the cushions of our couch and other hidden places for coins.

But back to Paul’s story: For Christmas, I bought him a coin counting machine and encouraged him to keep saving. Just before our last vacation, he took his full jar to a coin-counting machine and found that he had saved over $70! It was nice to have extra spending money on our vacation. I also learned that saving little by little really can amount to something! Who says piggy banks don’t add up over time?

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