Friday, May 6, 2011

Meet Ruth and Chris

My mom grew up on a dairy in a rural community, and this year she decided to re-visit her roots in a way by purchasing two Black Angus calves to raise for meat. In the process of naming the castrated steer and heifer, my siblings came up with the names Ruth and Chris, of course in honor of the steakhouse - and the ultimate destiny of the livestock. (Don't kill me, PETA. Not my idea.)

Here they are below. (Little Boy Blue is my brother).

Surprisingly, watching these cattle eagerly roam through soft green grass and munch away to their heart's content is very satisfying, and it took me a while to realize why. I believe it's the sight of seeing a living creature do what it is born to do and observing the act which inherently brings it the highest degree of satisfaction. Although we may have plans for grass-fed, hormone-free beef in 18 months, I know these animals are having a far better life than most of their kind will ever know. That makes me happy.
Above, here's a fairly recent picture of our garden. Lots of straw down as mulch. However, in the past week an alarming amount of grass-like weeds have sprouted up in the midst of our seedlings. I know if we don't act soon, these weeds can choke out the plants we do want growing, so tomorrow will find me pulling as many out as I possibly can. Wish me luck!


  1. Ruth and Chris--morbid.

    Stacy, you need to put some more tried and tested cookie recipes up one of these days. How am I supposed to successfully pirate your recipes if you don't post them??

  2. While you are pulling those weeds, think of all the beautiful plants that will grow in there place!

  3. @Michele: yes, that was the thought that kept me going today through muscle spasms and sunburns.

    @Laramie: Cookies, huh? Oh boy, that's my Achilles heel. A good cookie is harder than it looks. I'll work on it though!


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