Saturday, September 10, 2011

My Lunch at Fat Face (aka Bows and Arrows)

Remember that time I encouraged you to indulge your inner hipster and eat at Fat Face? I had only tried one of their popsicles back then, but when I got a half-day off this week, I took my own advice.

Fat Face is now housed in a so-called "hipster haven" thrift shop/art gallery called Bows and Arrows. The cafe in the back specializes in interesting, tasteful food, most especially pork sandwiches and popsicles, along with unique drinks and appetizers.

The sandwiches on the menu were split between 2 vegetarian (poached fig and eggplant "meatball") and 3 forms of pig flesh. The BLPT (with peaches) sounded tempting, but my husband and I ended up splitting two kinds of pork sandwiches:

Mesquite Pork in a tangy housemade BBQ sauce with housemade coleslaw on Acme bread. Pictured with mixed greens and vinaigrette.

Mexican Coca Cola-braised pork, topped with cotija cheese, romaine, and tomato salsa.
Pictured with kettle chips.

And we couldn't resist the chocolate chip cookies, fresh out of the oven! (Or a strawberry rhubarb popsicle - not pictured, because it was devoured too hastily. We couldn't let it melt, right?!)

The patio was also gorgeous, filled with blooming flowers and inviting tables. It looked like the perfect place to savor an afternoon or evening meal.

Since Bows and Arrows is right across the street from my brother-in-law's workplace, we invited him to meet up with us for lunch. As we ate, he confided his first reaction to our request: Why are we eating lunch in a thrift store? But the great crostini he ordered won him over in the end. With food this good and style to boot, something tells me that this will not be the last time we dine in this thrift store.

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