Monday, March 26, 2012

Spanish Dinner Party

Lately, all I can think about is Spain. While we save our pennies in hopes of a trip in the distant future, I'm focusing on what I can enjoy now: the food of Spain.

We had a Spanish-themed dinner party this weekend, complete with a brand new paella pan, gazpacho, and an Orange-Olive Oil Cake for dessert. Everything was fantastic, further convincing me that me and Spain, we're meant to be.

My paella was based off of this version by Tyler Florence. I simplified it, halving the rice and liquid amounts, and sticking with chicken, chorizo and shrimp. I think it looked beautiful in presentation and, despite some last minute panicking over uncooked chicken on top of burning rice, it came out very close to perfect in the end. (Whew! Always scary making a new recipe for company.) While it's not cheap, paella makes such a wonderful dish for entertaining and I can't wait to try new variations.


  1. That sounds so delicious! Oh goodness, I love Paella! Congrats on taking over such an ambitious meal. Looks like you did great!

  2. Thanks Tiffany. Next time we host a dinner party, I'm feeling the Spanish theme. :-)

  3. What a fun party idea. After traveling to Barcelona and eating ridiculously good paella I've been afraid to try and make it or order it anywhere. I need to get over it and give it a go. The orange olive oil cake looks good too. I have a new bundt pan...

  4. Denise, I am so jealous! Barcelona would be a dream. But you always have such delicious travel stories.


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