Thursday, June 14, 2012

Garden on June 13, 2012

I am freaking out, people. Freaking. Out. My yard is starting to show signs that it will be feeding me this year, and I am, as usual, inordinately ecstatic about it.

Remember that scraggly orange tree that had never produced fruit when we bought our house? It must have heard our "produce something or you're done" threat and is now covered in green fruits:

And my tomato plants are finally starting to set fruit, after I worried and fretted that the pollination was insufficient:

My cranberry beans are doing great. I mean, they look practically ready to eat already (but are not):

And my fava beans are still going like mad. This generation of fava beans are going to be my seeds for a fall planting. They fix nitrogen in the soil, enriching the soil for the plants that follow.

And may I just suggest a few wonderful plants, if you are interested in gardening yourself?

This penstemon is tough, drought tolerant and simply stunning:

Planting borage was the best thing I could have done to attract pollinators to my garden. Bees can't get enough of the bright blue, dainty flowers. I learned this is because they refill with pollen every 2 minutes - that is fast!

Finally, how about this Black and Blue Sage? I spied a hummingbird drinking from it yesterday morning!  The white flowers on the left are actually leeks that are blooming. They're gorgeous... but still smell like onions, in case you were wondering.

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  1. I too would be freaking out. What a beautiful array of deliciousness you have over there. You are so far ahead of me. Enjoy!


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