Saturday, November 24, 2012

Bounty in the Backyard

Here's a glimpse of the bounty in our backyard at the moment:
Our oranges are finally ready to harvest! Yeah! I tried one this morning and it was good! Looking forward to finding some fun uses for all these navel oranges. Ideas?
Fava beans are shooting up like rockets!
Lettuce, kale, and beets are doing well. And calendula is still going strong and giving us lots of sunshine-colored flowers to keep us in good cheer.

This weekend we also planted two kinds of raspberries to add to our blueberries and strawberries! Can't wait to enjoy all of this fresh fruit from the backyard.


  1. Looking at your garden makes me a miss my own - as it's covered under 4 feet of snow. You are so lucky you get to grow year round! Enjoy your oranges and everything else!


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