Sunday, June 9, 2013

June 8th Garden

Here are some shots from the garden as of today. This year my focus was on tomatoes, as you will see, and many of them are doing well.

I do have some pole beans growing up some chicken wire - here's a future bean:

And some cucumbers also growing up the chicken wire:

And now for the tomatoes: San Marzanos -  

Green Zebra tomatoes-  

 Black Krims, always excellent producers:

Jaune Flamme tomatoes, looking gorgeous and turning color already (they'll eventually be orange):  

I don't even know what this is is because I lost the label in the transplantation process... but look how huge it is already!
And that's the state of the garden today!


  1. And what a beautiful state that is. We can't look forward to sun ripened tomatoes here in the Northeast until at least end of July or beginning of August. Enjoy those beauties.

  2. Chicken wire for pole beans, great tip! I planted some for the first time and they have gone crazy (which is good). Right now one of them escaped the tomato cage rungs and has wrapped itself around the corn. Not sure why I thought a tomato cage would be good for pole beans.
    Your garden is looking great!


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