Monday, July 14, 2014

Peter Rabbit First Birthday Party

Just wanted to share some shots from the First Birthday Party. Thank you, Pinterest, for a million great ideas!

I took a picture of my daughter each month and made a banner display charting her growth, with twine and seed packets to go with the Peter Rabbit/Garden theme. The pictures on the bottom are her newborn picture on the left and one of her "gardening" at almost a year on the right.
Peter's jacket on display. Herbs from my garden and potted plants from my house made great decorations.
"Mr. McGregor's Garden Veggies" and "carrot" silverware.

Three kinds of tea sandwiches- chicken salad/croissant, raisin bread/cheese/apple, and cucumber/cream cheese.
Dessert: Carrot cake cupcakes and "Dirt Pudding" (pudding topped with crushed Oreo cookies and a gummy worm) in terra cotta pots.
"The Berry Patch" and "Carrots" (strawberries dipped in white-chocolate that my mom dyed orange) 

After lunch, we had a surprise visit from Peter Rabbit himself (some friends brought their beautiful bunnies over for a visit). The kids loved petting the bunnies. I do have the picture of the kids and family on my camera, and it should only take me about another 6 months to download those to my computer. :-)

Huge thanks to those of my family and friends who helped with the decorations and food! It was a great theme and a fun day.

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