Thursday, December 10, 2009

Evolution of a Foodie

Last night, I watched the movie "Julie & Julia", a film that focuses on two women and their sustaining relationship with food. Upon noticing this theme, I reflected upon my own relationship with food and how it has changed over the years. I divided my evolution into a series of stages.

Growing up: Mom, as a dairy farmer’s daughter, is a meat-and-potato and comfort food personality. I admire her efforts to serve well-balanced meals. She taught me how to cook from a young age, mostly sweets like peach cobbler and pumpkin pie.

High school: My senior year project focuses on "gourmet" food. I discover and branch out with some new ideas. At the conclusion of my project, I have perfected my flourless Chocolate Decadence, serving it with raspberry sauce and real whipped cream to the judges and passing my exam with flying colors. No one seems to mind my bribing of the judging panel of teachers in serving this dish.

College: I set out amongst the people of Utah, determined to learn how to make dinner rolls from scratch and collect as many recipes from my classmates as possible. I take beginning and advanced cooking and nutrition classes. Main accomplishments: Learning how to make a good pie crust, homemade breads, and sampling every kind of casserole you can imagine. My favorite recipe from a roommate: Chicken with Broccoli (curry cheese sauce, served with rice... you know the one!) from Wendy Wittwer.

Study Abroad in France: I am introduced to the wondrous cheese platter concept, good bread, and all-butter pastries (note: this was pre-lactose intolerance). A new sophistication graces my taste in food and my mother begins to wonder where I got my eccentric tastes from.

Mission in Hong Kong: I learn more about Asian food- MUCH more. Walking through the market the first time was like walking on the moon and trying to find something edible. Over time, I notice that I feel healthier eating fresh foods and eliminating dairy and most sweets. Chinese companions teach me to make a steamed fish and fry bok choy like a pro; Thai companion teaches me to make pad thai and green curry. (And yet somehow the result for the latter is not the same when I try this at home in California...)

Past 3 years: I buy a subscription to Cooking Light, discover Williams-Sonoma and the scandalous luxuries found therein, and attempt to eat local/fresh/healthy, but sometimes I just end up with Spaghettios. However, I try harder now that I am married and have someone else to think about than myself. is a mainstay on my computer.

Through all the changes and places I’ve traveled, food has always been my most constant distraction. At one point in "Julie & Julia", Meryl Streep, portraying Julia Child’s character, sighs, "I just think about food all the time. I’m obsessed!" I know the feeling, Julia. If only we could all make a living off of our passions.


  1. Have you tried cooks illustrated? It is my kitchen bible.

  2. Yes! I was hoping someday I'd warrant a mention on the blog. Also, I wouldn't be able to live without allrecipes. Fact.

  3. You should post your 'favorite recipes' on your blog - I'm sure they're amazing! :)

  4. Williams and Sonoma is pretty amazing. Bought the most awesome kitchen towels from there. They are proudly displayed.

  5. Need to try cooks illustrated.
    Shout out to Wender's Game.
    I think my favorite recipes would require a book more than a single blog. :-)
    And Tiffany, have you been to the W-S outlet in Vacaville? I hope to sojourn there one day myself. The Mecca of kitchenware.

  6. Yes - post those recipes - my mouth is watering after reading this!
    Just splurged on a Williams - Sonoma towel set and lotion/soap combo dispenser. Considered wrapping them for Christmas since it's so close, but then, delayed gratification not really my strong trait.

  7. Sweet! Glad to read your comment, Erica. :-)


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