Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Early Spring Planting Complete

I think I've finished my first spring planting. And I wish the apartment management would stop reminding people not to use their patios for storage. It makes me sad to think that they might mean me. It's not storage, it's a homemade composter, people!

To date, the most vigorous plants have been the potatoes. We planted some seed red potatoes and they are exploding almost faster than I can cover them with additional mounds of soil. The garlic is also doing well. The empty pot is Swiss chard, which I read can be very slow to germinate. I just hope it gets there eventually!

Herb-wise, my thyme, rosemary and basil didn't like being moved inside and had to be replaced. Sage, parsley and mint all pulled through like champs. I'm also trying to grow dill from seed. The iris in the back will hopefully bloom in April. Iris is my all-time favorite flower, and girl is allowed a bit of luxury right?

Mixed greens, arugula, spinach and carrots are slowly sprouting, and I have great hopes for our little garden this year! Even if I can barely walk out on our patio.

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