Tuesday, March 1, 2011

What Is Your Travel Personality? (A Quiz to Find Out)

Malta: More to offer than just Maltese dogs

I'm getting the itch to travel again. This happens from time to time. Last weekend, I entered so many giveaways promising a free trip to [insert cool place here] that I lost count. This week, I took an interesting, brief online quiz that diagnose your travel style and offers a list of recommended places for you to consider visiting.

My quiz results were right on, classifying me as a Mid-Venturer Type. According to the author, this means that I am curious and adventurous, but well-balanced and avoid extremes. I laughed when several of the recommended spots were locations I have already visited (and loved!) including (domestically) my native Northern California and Monterey, Utah, Seattle, Portland; and international spots like Thailand and China.

Also included were places I indeed have long desired to see (Argentina, Boston and India) and places I hadn't thought of before, but am now interested in exploring (like Malta and New Brunswick, Canada). So if you need inspiration and advice on planning your next trip, check out the link here! Happy planning.


  1. I have been intrigued by Malta. I'll have to check out your link and see if it's a match for me.

  2. this is a neat idea. always good to know that the place you're visiting will be enjoyable to you BEFORE you go there!

  3. Same type as you. So when we all doing a joint trip to Malta? ;)

  4. @Denise: After your Italy story you posted on your blog, I definitely would have guessed you were the adventurous type!
    @Mark: That would be awesome!


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