Thursday, August 11, 2011

How My Garden Almost Maimed My Husband

Those who think gardening is for old ladies, guess what? It can be a dangerous. Oh yes! My story begins with a tomato plant that fell over. I sent my husband out to the garden to straighten it up. About 10 minutes later, I saw him slowly trudging towards me, and he related the following:

After fixing the tomato plant, my husband stepped back to admire his work, only to have his feet ensnared by a sneaky pumpkin vine. He lost his balance, flipped over the metal rabbit-proof fence, hit his arm, landed on his head and passed out.

I know, totally crazy, right? After several minutes of me asking him obvious questions to find out whether he was concussed, I decided he was fine. Still, he remains reticent to return to the garden again. We decided that two people should go out there together from now on to prevent further mishaps.

Another danger in the garden is that when you let the weeds overtake it, sometimes you will find giant vegetables in wait that you didn't realize were even there. Case in point: Giant cucumber below. Gardeners, beware.

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