Thursday, October 18, 2012

My "30 Before 30" List

Hi. This is me, during our recent trip to Ashland, Oregon. My birthday is coming up before the year's end. When that happens, I will commence my 30th year of life. Inspired by several of my friends who have done "30 Before 30" lists, I decided that I would do the same and come up with my own 30 projects I want to accomplish before my 30th birthday next year. I feel comfortable sharing almost all of them - 29, to be exact. Not bad!

At first I felt indecisive about how to share them with other people. A note on Facebook with my close friends and family... who would probably quickly forget about them? Posting them silently on a wall at home where no one would know if I failed to do them? (Not enough accountability, I decided.) Finally, I decided my blog would be an acceptable place to share them with the world because I hope to share the results of these goals in this particular format over the next year. Some of these may make sense to you, some may only make sense to me, but that's ok. Ready, set, go!

1. Save up for Spain.

2. Practice yoga 52 times.

3. Bike Davis.

4. Hike Auburn trail.

5. Read 30 books.

6. Go to 3 new places.

7. Grow 3 new kinds of plants in the garden.

8. Beautify a public space.

9. Participate in 3 service projects.

10. Do something with the retreat in our house.

11. Attend a food festival.

12. Attend the Dickens Fair.

13. Attend the Cherry Blossom Festival in SF - April 13/20.

14. Go on a road trip.

15. See the Chinese New Year Parade in SF - February 23.

16. Go for 30 days without sugar.

17. Befriend someone new.

18. Sing in public 3 times (small groups, duets or - gulp-solo)

19. Take 12 self-portaits.

20. Invite 12 people/families over for dinner.

21. Host 5 book club meetings.

22. Attend the temple 12 times.

23. Connect with our neighbors once.

24. Read the entire New Testament.

25. Learn to use circular needles and knit 3 items.

26. Try 3 new types of food.

27. Can 3 food items.

28. Write a biography of my grandma’s childhood.

29. Donate (amount censored) to a charity besides church.


  1. Love them! I wish you had posted first that way I could have stolen some of your ideas. Ha! Good luck!!

  2. Cool projects! Can't wait to read about them! I can only guess what #30 is : P

  3. I think goal setting is the best way to look back on a year of life and be proud of all that you accomplished! Best of luck!!

  4. Great list--ambitious and passionate. I've no doubt that you will achieve them and have fun doing so.


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