Sunday, October 28, 2012

Point Reyes Anniversary Trip

Despite being sick last week, we did not cancel our anniversary trip, but felt gratitude for having chosen a destination so close to home so that we could still enjoy it to some degree.

A little cottage in Point Reyes Station was our home for the weekend. A lovely welcome basket included local cheese and chickens from the hens on site, and organic McIntosh apples grown in the orchard our window looked out upon. We found a new favorite restaurant, Stellina, where we enjoyed a stellar lunch, followed by this amazing Raspberry-Pistachio Crisp with honey ice cream (using wonderful local ingredients).

Next up, we wanted to visit Bolinas, the hidden town famous for residents who took down the exit sign so often that there isn't one anymore. What impressed me about this small town was how giving, passionate, and trusting it could be, with a strong sense of community.

Observe: a room full of stuff free to anybody:
A beautiful art mural depicting the history of the town:
This is a farm stand on the edge of town full of beautiful produce. No one stands guard here - you can leave cash or mail a check. Now THAT is trusting!
And we couldn't resist a quick trip to San Francisco. Coming from this direction, I actually went over the Golden Gate Bridge for the first time. (Usually coming from my neck of the woods, we cross over the Bay Bridge).
We stuffed ourselves silly with Indian food...
And made a trip to the bakery Tartine, which I deem utterly deserving of all the praise and popularity it has garnered, a legitimate foodie destination. Their morning buns, tarts and bread pudding were all divine. (Morning bun below, about to be devoured.) We shall return!
Not pictured: Two picnics on the beach... Lovely!


  1. Perfect recap! We were going to go there, but backed out at the last minute. Now I want to go so bad!

  2. I have always wanted to go to Tartine! I have their cookbook and it's nothing shot of spectacular so I can understand your praise! :)

  3. You've been visiting my favorite places! Were you in Trinka's cottage?

  4. Your description. I wrote this there:

  5. Cool! The eggs look familiar. Loved the welcome basket and watching the moon through the skylight. Couldn't sleep in the bed though - ended up on the couch in the middle of the night. Adorable place though!

    1. Oh no... Bummer about the bed. I haven't been there in a while. Being able to sleep in the bed is certainly a fair request.

  6. What a lovely getaway! We love Point Reyes. I've also enjoyed catching up on the blog - it's great! Thanks for the add in your links, too. I'll be back for sure. :)


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