Wednesday, February 20, 2013

It's February, and I Miss Tomatoes...

...And therefore, I am busy planning my garden for this summer! I already started my tomatoes, peppers and eggplants a few weeks ago, as pictured above. This year, I used peat pellets, two grow lights, a heated mat, and occasionally a fan (which is supposed to strengthen the stems). I have been able to successfully germinate each seed I wanted to try, which is a HUGE improvement over last year when I got maybe 3 total! The grow lights have made a world of difference, since I don't have what you would call a "sunny window" in my house.

So speaking of tomatoes, I'm doing all heirlooms again. Here's what I have growing this year, by color (those I've never grown before marked with an asterisk):

Aunt Ruby’s German Green*
Green Zebra

Paul Robeson*
Black Krim
Black Cherry*

San Marzano


Jaune Flamme*

I'm already having visions of Bruschetta and fat BLTs dance through my brain!

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  1. Beautiful photos!
    Absolutely lovely!


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