Tuesday, May 21, 2013

5 weeks left!

I only have about 5.5 weeks left till my due date, which is, of course, making me feel like I need to make a pre-baby bucket list. Quick, time to go to the movies and eat at nice restaurants and go on spontaneous trips and... all that other stuff you don't have time for with a newborn. Of course, we're also bracing for the medical bills too, so that keeps our spending in check.

Just wanted to do a quick update with some more items from my "30 before 30" list.

#5 Read 30 books - So far I am on book #21 of 30, "Fever" by Mary Beth Keane, a fascinating historical fiction piece about Typhoid Mary. It is the next selection for our book club. Speaking of which..

#21 Host 5 book club meetings - I have my third one scheduled for June, a week before my due date. Assuming the baby doesn't come early, that should be fun!

#20 Invite 12 people/families over for dinner - We have done plenty of entertaining this year already and have had many people over! Even more are coming this weekend for Memorial Day.
#9 Participate in 3 service projects - Finished this one. I was able to participate in two drives for a local crisis shelter and a huge, amazing project beautifying a series of run down, neglected neighborhood parks in South Sacramento. This last one also qualified for...
#8 Beautify a public space. (Picture below of all the participants in one parking congregating for a project kick off.)

#26 Try 3 new types of food- Bet you thought this would be the first item I finished, but I've actually only tried 2 new types of food so far: Russian, and, more recently, Salvadorian. I enjoyed the pupusas and trying Salvadorian horchata, but the pineapple tamale (pictured below) was my favorite. I think Turkish may be my next (and last) one (although I admit that all Mediterranean foods seem very similar to me)!


  1. Good to know your pregnancy hasn't slowed you down one bit. You have accomplished so much of your list!
    Can't wait to "meet" the baby.

  2. Thanks Michele! I've been blessed to enjoy very good health for the most part. It's been a pretty smooth pregnancy and I'm grateful for that.

  3. Your good mood is surely good for your little one. Lucky little thing. And a pineapple tamale. I'm intrigued. I'd say "take care", but you don't seem to need it. Enjoy these 5 weeks.

  4. On the home stretch, congratulations! Great job on the 30 for 30 list too! Your service projects sound great and I'm sure the park project was a blast!


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