Sunday, April 25, 2010

These Are A Few of My Favorite Things (for the Kitchen)

Here are a few of the kitchen gadgets that I cannot live without!

OXO storage containers: I love that they are air-proof so I can safely store my many flours (white, whole wheat, bread, etc.) in them. They pop open so easily when you press the button in the center; press it again, and it's sealed tight! Available at Crate and Barrel and Target.
Microplane box grater: I remember scraping my knuckles against my cheap old grater. No more! This amazing tool gets regular use in my kitchen, as each of its 4 sides boasts a handy tool, from cheese slicer to fine zester.
My aunt bought me this cake tester (also OXO) and it is wonderful. No more knives or toothpicks when I'm testing cakes, brownies, breads, etc. It is so thin that it doesn't even leave a mark.
Again from OXO (did I mention I love that brand?), this cookie spatula is my favorite spatula to use because of its thinness and flexibility. It's great not just for cookies but also for eggs and just about anything that you don't want to break with a thicker, clumsy spatula.

This is one purchase that I haven't made yet, but I know my next indulgence will definitely be a quality pepper grinder. There is no substitute for freshly ground pepper in recipes, and these are my favorite, from Williams-Sonoma. You can see the peppercorns inside, effortlessly grind them with a twist of the wrist, and on the bottom, you can choose how fine or large you want the pepper to be.

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