Thursday, April 8, 2010

A Tribute to the Food Network

Today, I felt like doing a tribute to the Food Network, which is far and away my favorite thing to watch on TV. Particularly ironic are the moments in which I am plodding away on the treadmill or elliptical in healthful endeavors, while simultaneously watching this station and fantasizing about the food being prepared. So here are some of the shows that have been most influential for me:

The Naked Chef: At age 16, I loved and still love everything about this show. I loved the edgy filming style, the basic, simple foods prepared, and of course, the host Jamie Oliver, with his adorable Essex accent and contagious passion for cooking. My husband recently acquired the whole season 1. Major kudos to him!

Iron Chef: In high school, my dad and I would often watch this one together. It was something that we both enjoyed, as it incorporated martial arts-like effects (which appealed to my dad) and cooking (which appealed to me). The over-the-top dramatic effects made it comical as well - I will always remember that moment in the opening credits in which the host bites into a bell pepper with just a tad too much enjoyment.

Drive Ins, Diners and Dives: This show seems to be my constant work out companion, as it airs after work when I typically hit the gym. I also feel a personal connection with host Guy Fieri, seeing as he’s from Northern California, owns the local Sacramento restaurant Tex Wasabi, and has stated that our local Squeeze Inn offers the second best burger in the US! Yes, I do feel the irony of burning calories while watching him down chili dogs and an endless parade of fried foods, but still gotta love it.

Honorable mention to Bobby Flay's Throwdown, which can be pretty entertaining too.
Any other favorites out there?


  1. It's not on Food Network, it's on PBS, but I love Cook's Country.

  2. I love foodnetwork so much. We actually got cable because I wanted to watch it all the time. Now that we don't have cable there is a definite void in my life.

  3. Good Eats is a staple for me. I like to know how things work, and though I don't always agree with Alton Brown 100%, he's one of my food heroes.

    I liked Emeril's show, too, though its "showiness" could get a little annoying after awhile. I very much liked Molto Mario (there were repeats on Fine Living... don't know if there still are or not), and Giada's Everyday Italian.


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