Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Beach Madness

Beach in Nice, Southern France

The weather where I live in Northern California has soared to scorching heights of 103 degrees in the past week, leaving me panting and dreaming of the beach. There’s nothing like a nice, cool, salty breeze and the shock of still-cold seawater lapping your toes. How about a free exfoliating pedicure by walking barefoot in the sand?

Perhaps most folks fall into the category of beach or mountain lover. I do enjoy a wooded mountain, but growing up, our family made frequent trips to the Northern California coast. That, combined with a childhood obsession with the Little Mermaid, sealed my fate as beach person.
I have traveled to the Indian ocean in South Africa and the Mediterranean sea in France, as well as the warm waters of Tahiti, Hawaii, the Bahamas, the Caribbean and the Mexican coast.
All were unique and exerted their own special magic, for there is something inherently freeing in walking along a beach. I remember clearly the sensation of blissful breaking away that washed over me when I went for a solo swim in the sun-warmed waters of Nice, a 20 year old American traveling Europe without her parents for the first time.

Over and over again, the sea calls me to return. Maybe I am part mermaid after all.


  1. I loved Nice so much! You would be an awesome mermaid! So happy and fun and carefree. I love swimming in the ocean.

  2. Definitely a beach person (although I love the mountains) but I just can't live more than a drive away from the sea...otherwise I get kinda claustrophobic:) Luv the pic:)

  3. To think there may be people in the mid-west who have never seen the beach! I cannot fathom it!


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