Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Things I Want to Do This Summer

1. Visit the seashore

2. Attend the Gilroy Garlic Festival- Looking forward to some things (garlic chicken stir fry sounds good, plus normal foods like BBQ, funnel cakes, etc.) Others just sound like a horrible idea - Conagra will be there giving away free garlic ice cream. As a lactose intolerant person, I can't imagine a worse thing for me to put into my body, and I will probably not partake.

3. Watch an opera at the Met (Carmen or La Boheme, preferably both). I have been wanting to see another opera for several years, and my local movie theater will be showing two classic operas in July! I hope it will be like a trip to New York without a plane ticket, and with a better view than I would have even if I saw it at the Met in person!

4. Go to the California State Fair. I love the exhibits, even the commercial ones. Ok, let's be honest- especially the commercial ones. It's not summer unless you've been ripped off by a guy named Ted selling Ginsu knives. But what is up with the powers that be changing the ever-stable date? Our state fair traditionally runs the last weeks of August through Labor Day, but this year the fair will take place in July. I wonder how this will effect things? We'll find out!

5. See the Impressionist Exhibit in SF. With masterpieces from the Musee D'Orsay in Paris by Manet, Degas, Monet, and Renoir, this De Young exhibit looks like a must-see! It runs through September 6th.

6. Start a thriving compost pile. I got my bin and this Saturday, out I go to mix my kitchen scraps with dirt and various natural materials.

7. Read as many books as possible. I am already 99% done with my original summer reading list and need to come up with a new one...

8. Make my own reusable bags. I already sewed 3; now to decorate them as desired!

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  1. 99% done with your summer reading list by June 30th--wow. You must really be loving your book selections. Have fun with your list additions.


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