Saturday, June 12, 2010

Urban Farm Stand

This Saturday, I went to the Broderick Urban Farm Stand. This is a new effort in an older part of my town's community to offer affordable, fresh produce in an urban setting. There is an internship program set up so that local young people can gain experience by helping at the stand. The project also allows a poorer segment of the population that generally suffers from more health problems greater access to fresh produce. Farmers Markets - they're not just for rich white people anymore!

The stand was set up in a park next to an elementary school. I found their prices to be quite reasonable. I got 3 baskets of uber-sweet strawberries, a bunch of carrots, a head of lovely red lettuce, and early hot house tomatoes. There were also radishes, blackberries, turnips, apricots, kale, chard, sweet peas, squash, tiny beets, and onions. I hope to go every week now and support their project. I can't wait to see what seasonal goodies they'll offer next!

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  1. That's cool, we have something kind of like that near us too:)


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