Monday, August 23, 2010

The Lost Art of Letter Writing

I am grateful every day for e-mail, blogs and Facebook for allowing me to stay in contact with my many faraway friends.

However, sometimes it’s nice to write hand-written letter to a friend or family member. Children are especially fun to write to because they get so excited when they receive mail. Older folks often love receiving letters as well because they tend to be less comfortable with technology.

I enjoy the physical act of writing something tangible and tactile, something with aesthetic appeal that can be taken out and re-read in years to come. I am learning to use a calligraphy pen and though my skills are still rudimentary, I enjoy dabbling in the long-lost art of penmanship. I always notice how students of the older generation have such gorgeous signatures, due to the mandatory handwriting grade implemented in the past. I fear no one will want to read scribble-scrabble in future generations, so here’s to bringing back proper penmanship and the art of letter writing.


  1. I adore handwritten letters and I have not written one in so long. Thank you for the reminder.

  2. I'm a letter-writing junkie, too, and think it's so sincere and special. Last week, a co-worker turned me onto The Things Unsaid Project ( and I loved how these creators focused on letter writing and not e-mail or text. So, yes, I'm with you: "bring back proper penmanship and the art of letter writing."

  3. I enjoy letter writing, too! And, I'm sure that in the future, your letters will be cherished!

  4. There is, in fact, quite a large community of letter-writing bloggers out there. (And even more dedicated letter writers who don't blog.) The art may be a niche, but I assure you it isn't lost. Have fun with your own efforts to keep it alive!

  5. I love receiving and sending letters! My favorites are from my grandma, written in cursive with blue or black ink, elegant stationary with matching envelopes, and love in every word!

    The romantic in me loves keeping them tied together in ribbons and stored in my hope chest. Sigh, I'm a Victorian at heart...


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