Friday, August 27, 2010

A Secret Love Confessed

I am a lover of beauty in all forms. I love dance and over the years have taken classes in jazz, ballet, tap, clogging, Irish dance, folk dance, modern, hip hop, Latin, and ballroom dance.

My favorite is still ballet. I have neither the correct physical form nor the proper technique to excel at this strict discipline, but I still love it. Maybe it’s ok to love things you’re only mediocre at, to love them for the way they make you feel. When music and motion are in unison, I feel a freedom of expression that has been hard to find elsewhere.

I’m out of school now, dance classes have ended, and I haven’t danced in a long while. Dance classes cost big money and aren’t an option right now. But last night after a tedious day at work, I turned on some music and slowly did my old dancing stretches in my living room. It felt wonderful to loosen my tight, desk-bound muscles. It occurred to me that maybe I need to stop focusing on my restrictions and celebrate what my body still loves to do more often.

What do you do because you love how it makes you feel?


  1. Always always always love ballet. I can't think of anything prettier.

  2. Of course, I knew that you would share the same love on this one! Except you are really good at it! :-)

  3. You really made me pause with this one because swimming is the first thing that comes to mind and I haven't gone swimming in so long.


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