Monday, August 2, 2010

The State Fair Strikes Again

Chocolate Covered Bacon
The State Fair is a lifelong tradition with my family. This year, I didn't eat as much as I usually do (this was a conscious effort, by the way, a natural sign of aging) but I did devour half of a funnel cake and timidly test one of the newer products, chocolate covered bacon. (It tasted like cold salty chocolate.)

Besides the food, I acquired two new items/services that I'm excited about.

Number one: Worm Factory 360. This multi-level vermicomposting unit is a gift from my dad to replace the plastic bin we're currently using, with the stipulation that we fix his yard in the spots where the dog has "left her mark" shall we say.
Number two: CSA box! With $10 off our first box and no obligation, we decided to finally go ahead and try a CSA (community supported agriculture) program, located in the local Capay Valley. Since it's summer, the farm is in full production. For example, this week, the Valley box (all produced on their own farm) includes muskmelon, peaches, plums, nectarines, squash, 3 kinds of tomatoes, lettuce, basil, onion, and chard. Sounds delicious! I can't wait to have my first box arrive on our doorstep.

This year's garden hasn't been as productive as we dreamed (should have used compost and not just plain soil! Oh well) so the CSA will be a welcome supplement for our meager harvest.

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  1. OMG... I can't believe you tried the chocolate covered bacon!

    Blech, State Fair food! I got the shakes just thinking about it...aren't fried twinkies and candy bars enough?


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