Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Slow Food in Sac

The Slow Food Movement began in Italy in the 80's as a backlash to a McDonald's popping up near the Spanish Steps in Rome. Propelled in the US by supporters such as Alice Waters, the movement has spread worldwide with a mission to preserve traditional and regional cuisine, as well as relying upon local ecosystems to obtain food.

Sacramento does have a Slow Food chapter, but their activities usually sound like elitist fundraisers that are quite beyond my meager budget. I was excited to hear that the organization recently award "Snail" awards to a number of local restaurants for their efforts to promote local, sustainable food.

The awards were given to (drum roll, please): Grange, Ella, Hot Italian, the Kitchen, Magpie Caterers Market and Cafe, Mulvaney's, OneSpeed, the Sacramento Natural Foods Co-op Deli/Cafe, Selland's, Taylor's, Tuli Bistro and the Waterboy. I have been to several of these already,Magpie being one of my all-time favorite local spots. Hot Italian wasn't my style but I appreciate that they compost their leftovers! I do hope to support these institutions with my patronage. A few may be reserved for special occasions due to the higher cost, but the quality promises to make for a memorable experience. After all, why eat at chains when there are brave and innovative restaurants who are changing the way we eat, the way we live?

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