Thursday, September 30, 2010

Restaurant Review: Magpie Cafe

If you are ever in Sacramento and you only have time to stop at one place, here is my suggestion:
Magpie Cafe. It's downtown, it's excellent, the food is almost all local, and the ambiance is charming.

The locals just park their bikes out front, take a glance at the daily specials, and walk on in.

Choose from their baked goods, but in my book, there is only one choice: the carrot cake cookie. A perfectly crisp yet chewy pair of cookies with creamy cream cheese frosting holding it all together. Irresistible! Below, best friend Allison models said cookie.

Magpie always offers a fine selection of local dairy products and cured meats, along with 6 or 7 fresh salads that change seasonally.

Grab a seat and soak up some sunshine while you wait for your food. Maybe try to figure out what the posters on the wall mean... I haven't yet.

Your meal will arrive shortly. If it's lunch, it will likely involve absolutely perfect bread and simple, fresh, local, seasonally appropriate fillings, along with a thoughtful,
complimentary side dish. Examples:

Goat cheese and fig sandwich with side salad

BLT with heirloom tomatoes, watercress, quality bacon, and a side of tangy purple potato salad.

Maybe you can see why I love this place. I don't know anyone who hasn't enjoyed the food, although if you go on certain nights, the flocks of foodie fans can get a bit noisy.


  1. This place looks great. Perhaps it seems a bit unorthodox, but I'd like the BLT and the carrot cake cookie right now, for breakfast.

  2. We'll be in Sac this weekend, maybe we'll give it a try:)


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