Thursday, September 30, 2010

Winter Gardens

Here are some shots of my very first winter garden, taken last week. I have planted many spring vegetables, but never winter varieties. I decided to try my hand at:

Leeks (just barely starting to push their green shoots up through the earth)

Beets (I love beet salad)

And bok choy, also pictured below. These guys got in first, so they're the furthest a long. I love boy choy, which is a great side dish to almost any Asian dish. I stir fry it with olive oil, garlic, and dress with a little soy or oyster sauce. Yum!

Have you ever grown winter vegetables before? What's in your garden this winter?

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  1. I loved growing arugula and and eating it when the plants were small and tender. It shoots up so fast and is quite rewarding. I'd plant, eat, plant some more, and so on. It's just so good straight from the garden.


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