Friday, September 10, 2010

What I Eat When No One Is Watching

Deborah Madison, former chef of San Francisco vegetarian restaurant Greens, recently came out with a new book called What We Eat When We Eat Alone. More than another vastly popular cookbook (though she has put out quite a few), the book is an exploration and study of the quirky, peculiar tendencies of solo diners, complete with select unusual recipes.

When I heard about this topic, I realized that, like many of the folks examined in this book, I do not eat the same foods when I’m alone as when I eat with others. And what I eat when I’m alone now is different from a year or two ago. Back then, my favorite guilty pleasure - don’t judge!- was spinach dip with sourdough bread with a side of Spaghettios.


Now that I’m married, when I eat alone (as I did last month when my husband took off on a deep-sea fishing trip), I’m more likely to make things my husband won’t or can’t eat. Mushrooms. Eggs. One day while he was gone, I made both- a frittata.

But I still think the spinach dip/Spaghettio combo sounds delicious. What do you eat when you’re alone?


  1. Hot fries. I know, it’s appalling. And usually when Efrain's gone I eat the same thing for dinner every night, a bowl of pasta with a teeny bit of butter and salt and pepper. (Coincidentally, also Audrey Hepburn's favorite dish)

  2. Well...since I'm single, I eat alone most of the time. Right now I'm munching on some nerds, I'm usually not a candy snacker, but I had a sweets craving. If you want to talk about what I indulge in, that would have to be some delicious dessert from the display case at Ettore's!

  3. Rachel, is Aubrey your hero?
    Heidi, I'm pretty sure that you eat Princess Torte whether people are around or not! :-) Rightly so.

  4. Stacy, I wrote about this very topic. When I am dining alone, my favorite is a grilled cheese sandwhich with a glass of Sauvignon Blanc. But when I'm eating when no one is looking, well all bets are off. It could be anything from a can of beets to a bowl of popcorn!

  5. Microwave popcorn. (I know it's terrible for me but its a good, fast little lunch.)

  6. My answer to this question changes often. Lately, it's been a bit boring. I can't stop eating tomatoes. I've eaten them sliced w/ s&p, on olive bread w/ cheddar cheese (for breakfast), slow-roasted, in caprese salad, in chili. Early Girl, Cherry, San Marzano, Peach Boy, big fat heirlooms. And...I'm still not over it. I'm up for more.


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