Monday, November 15, 2010


I love a good French film. Certain things will be expected in this genre: unsexualized (even unattractive) nudity, blunt conversations, and a fascination with food and the countryside. The sound of the French language is a comfort to me after all the years I spent studying it in high school and college.

This weekend, I was treated to the award-wining film Séraphine, based on the true story of a lonely housekeeper who, at age 41 in 1905, begins painting beautiful floral art. Untrained and using paint her makes herself, she finds inspiration in nature and the stained glass of the cathedrals she regularly visits to sing religious hymns. One day shortly before WWI (around 1914), she is discovered by a German art critic and dealer who recognizes her untainted talent and encourages her to develop it. Below, see examples of her work:

The film portrays the fine line an artist walks between inspiration and madness, and made me long to create something beautiful. I generally consider food to be my main creative medium, but occasionally I feel sad that such beauty can only last as long as it takes one to consume it. Then, it becomes a part of our very bodies, unseen but perhaps still felt and remembered. Still, I feel envious of painters, who have the ability to create something beautiful and enduring. I also would like to return to the French countryside now more than ever. Its beauty could inspire art in anyone!

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  1. These are beautiful! I'll have to check the film out.

    I too often wish I was more creative in the physical arts. Alas, I don't have the patience lol.


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