Sunday, November 7, 2010

Day Trip to Apple Hill

What would life be without traditions? One favorite fall tradition for our family (and many others in the greater Sacramento area) is going to Apple Hill, a chain of family orchards that host guests every fall. The first thing to do when you arrive?
Enjoy the scenery of the tall trees, hiking trails, streams and lakes. Breathe some fresh woodsy air and let go of your worries.

Next, you can pet an alpaca or billy goat at a petting zoo...
Or check out some crafts, like homemade spicy scented candles and local olive oils.

And then, of course, there's the apples.

Besides free samples of freshly pressed apple cider, nearly every ranch on the hill boasts a bakery with a myriad of irresistible offerings.
Be sure to try the Apple Cider Donuts at Rainbow Orchard, always made fresh and hot and covered with cinnamon sugar.

Apple pie is also a must. This year, we tried Apple Sour Cream Blackberry, a sure winner. Can't make up your mind? Buy a frozen pie to take home with you.
And at High Hill Ranch, the Apple Fritter is legendary. This huge, moist disk, laced with chunks of apple, cinnamon, and glazed with a sweet icing, is another must-have treat from Apple Hill.
I hope you get a chance to try Apple Hill, or go to a place that is synonymous with autumn where you live, whatever that may be!

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  1. we LOOOVE coming here for the pies, crafts, and apple cider. we usually get an extra jug of cider and freeze it so we can have some in the off season.


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