Friday, June 24, 2011

Shakespeare in the Park

We saw King Lear at Linden Park this weekend. A picnic dinner to share-

A free performance under the shady trees-

And a classic Shakespeare tale of parents and children, dementia, greed, pride, elder care, death, distributing estates... It was actually just like a day at the office.

The same timeless human issues are played out every day now, just as they were in the 1500s.

The thing that most amazed me was how differently I perceived the play now, through the lens of my profession in the estate planning field, as opposed to what I saw when I read it in college. I remember the professors pointing out the paganism, the themes of nature and fate, the existential tragedy of the play. These elements may be present, but mostly I think it's about the same issues every family faces as time goes by.

It made me reflect that it does pay to re-visit the classics because the more you age and mature, the more levels of depth and meaning you will see in them.

P.S. It's events like this that make me fall for summer hard.

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