Thursday, June 30, 2011

My Life in France

Isn't it incredible how a photograph can transport you back in time, to far away places, to memories you didn't know you still had? Old pictures I recently unearthed in old photo albums reveal a life I lived in France, when all I had to do was look out the kitchen window to be inspired. Just a few pictures tell so much:

Here is a typical French dinner, served by my elderly host, consisting of meat and vegetables, freshly baked bread, fresh fruit for dessert, and of course the famous cheese platter.

This was the room in which I awoke to the street of the Bastille below my window. The bed in which I slept, the journal splayed out to record my adventures. I wonder where that journal is now!

There was time to savor life and food in Paris. Time to stop at a market for lunch supplies, at a boulangerie for a baguette, and a patisserie for at least two pastries per day. (What? I only had 6 weeks to try them all! I was on a pastry tasting mission!)
The view from the top of Notre Dam sums up Paris for me. It remains the most aesthetically pleasing city I have ever visited, simultaneously frustrating and intoxicating, like a bad crush - one I never quite got over and wouldn't say no to even now.


  1. Sounds like the title for a book;) I love Paris and all France, but there's always so much more to see...I guess that's a good thing though:)

  2. Sadly, Julia Child already wrote a book by that name. :-)

  3. I would love to go to Paris! least you show'd part of it! Thanks!

  4. Lovely memories. Six weeks would be dreamy...


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