Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Hiking Mount Tamalpais and Muir Woods

Is there any better feeling than accomplishing something you have wanted to do for a long time? This weekend, I had that wonderful feeling after I hiked through Muir Woods National Park and Mount Tamalpais.

Source: flickr.com via Kristen on Pinterest

Muir Woods was so peaceful and serene, as we walked through the towering redwood trees. We saw a stump of a tree that was planted in 909 AD! Seeing how some trees have been burned out but continue to stand signified strength. Observing new trees springing up where others have fallen and decayed reminded us of the circle of life.

Source: flickr.com via Sean on Pinterest

As for being on Mount Tamalpais, it was like a walk in the clouds - perfect 70 degrees, the smell of trees and earth, blue sky above and the city below, hawks flying next to us. It was the kind of weekend you hope to have but seldom find.


  1. What an awesome way to spend the weekend--among all that majesty.

  2. You have no clue how sad I was to send you that email. Man, what an incredible experience.


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