Sunday, July 10, 2011

A Midsummer Day's Dream

I'm currently reading Annie Dillard's "Pilgrim at Tinker Creek", a meditation on the majesty of nature. Only problem is, after a few pages of reading how magnificent the natural world is, I find myself running outside to observe it first hand! Look what I found in my own backyard (ok, my parents' actually....)

The pumpkins are taking over the garden! They're sweet varieties for pie-making, so come October there will be fresh pumpkin pie, oh yes! And look below, we've already got a big one!

Fennel! Finally came through. We thought these were carrots for quite a while.

First Brandywine tomato - I'm salivating already just watching it turn red!

Italian San Marzano tomatoes - Pasta, you are calling my name!

Pickling cucumbers! Woo hoo! Finally!

Apples - let's hope they're edible this year. They're sometimes very dry. Strange, huh?

Asian pears on the tree - we have a TON this year!!!

Dill - so pretty when it blooms


First harvest of wild blackberries. Totally worth the thorns!
Life is truly beautiful when you're outside!


  1. Wow wow and wow. This all looks so good. I'm hungry and ready to get outside.

  2. Oh, sweet! Blackberries look great:) My pumpkins around about plumb sized at the moment.


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