Friday, January 15, 2010

Millions of Puppies, Puppies for Me!

I am a small dog kind of girl. Perhaps it began when I was 7 and first acquired a small dog, a very mild-tempered and adorable rat terrier. That dog, Blazer, died while I was in Hong Kong and now I really miss having a little friend as a companion. After all, I need some one to talk to in my "little dog voice". I feel bad for my husband because he gets most of that now.

So, Pros: Cute little creature to comfort you, cheer you up, play with you. On the other hand, I feel like it would be nice to have a yard for the dog, which I don't have yet. There’s the cost involved in acquiring and maintaining the pet. Also, the time commitment - how about when we travel? Actually, I’m sure I could find someone to take care of it, especially if it’s cute enough.

Now, what kind of breed to acquire is another question.

Havanese - very cute lap dog but very pricey. I wouldn't mind a mix of this and another breed.

A black pug - look at that lil tongue sticking out! Then again, eyes are a bit googly.

How about a Shih Tzu? But I don't like long-haired ones; they weird me out. I'd have to groom this one all the time to keep it short.

Bichon Frisee is still a top choice - but again with the long-hair, and I heard they're hard to potty-train, and that is not happening, no matter how cute they are!

I'll probably end up with some mixed breed because I really want to rescue a dog as opposed to buying one. So, dog lovers - Advice? Opinions?

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  1. I vote for a bichon, but that's what I had, so I am more than a little biased. He wasn't difficult to train. On the other hand, I doubt I would get another white haired dog, they are impossible to keep clean.


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