Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Crafts I Dig From Etsy

I enjoy browsing the offerings on Etsy.com. It makes me happy that there are networks connecting willing shoppers with creative, artistically gifted people. A few favorite finds:

A lovely apron from Modern June. I love the colors and quality looks great. Put me in this, stick me in the kitchen, and call me June (Cleaver)!

As an earth tone person, I find this skirt's shade of olive green ideal. And the length - not too long or dowdy, not to short or showy. Apparently you can even ride a bike while wearing it! It's so simple, I almost wonder if I could make my own at home... Or I could pay trapperjane to make me one.

These cherry blossom prints (from Painting Prints) add an Asian, earthy touch to the natural style of this living room.

If I ever have money to burn someday, I pledge to invest it in the talents of skilled artisans. That includes massage therapists as well. I would hate to exclude anyone.

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  1. +1 for remembering to keep aritists and massage therapists employed when you come into your future wealth:)


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