Monday, July 26, 2010

The Spirit of Marin County

Have you heard of Marin County? It's just north of San Francisco. After the 60's, loads of hippies were burned out and tired of the crowded city life. Anxious to "return to the land", they flooded north. Many founded towns and businesses that have since become very successful and affluent, but the area still maintains its bohemian roots. Here is my guide to an authentic Marin County experience.

1. Explore the many creameries, bakeries, and artisan meat shops that dot the rolling pastoral hills. Stock up for a picnic later on in the day.

2. Follow a little girl in a bread wagon down the street to the Farmer's Market where she's headed with her mom the baker.
3. Peruse the organic greens, vibrant vegetables, homespun yarn, homemade desserts, and glistening fruits at the market. Make friends with the people who grew the food or created the product that you are about to enjoy!
4. Examine the local Community Garden and get tips on how to help your crops thrive!

5. Hike the hills around Point Reyes Lighthouse and find a serene spot with a killer view before enjoying the edible spoils of the day.
6. Prepare to descend 308 steps to explore the lighthouse, built over 140 years ago! (It hasn't been operating since 1975.)

Hope you get a chance to explore this unique area soon. I sure liked our day trip and hope to explore more of it soon.


  1. How fun! I have always wanted to go there. That food looks yummy and I love lighthouses. Win win win!

  2. That lighthouse is a great place for whale watching when they come by the coast, too. Looks like you guys had fun:)

  3. Someone actually did yell about seeing a whale right after we finished climbing the stairs to the top again. I saw something large splash in the distance, but couldn't say whether it was really a whale or something else.

  4. I lived here for a year. Now I'm missing my Point Reyes...

  5. Love your pics....and your imaginative storytelling :)


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