Friday, July 30, 2010

The Candwich

It's time for another unbelievable story from the world of food. A new product now pushes the limits of what we thought was possible with regards to convenience food. I give you, the Candwich! Now lunch can be as easy for you as opening a soda. Pop open a can and you will find a ready-made sandwich on the inside- available in Strawberry PB&J, Grape PB&J, or (this one turns my stomach) BBQ Chicken. (To me, meat is not meant to sit on a shelf for months. I have a problem with that idea; meat-flavored spaghetti sauce has the same repulsive effect.)
From the look of their ad, the Candwich is going to be aggressively marketed to children, campers and construction workers. The product is not yet available, according to their web site, but may be "coming soon". Part of me can see the appeal to a backpacker because of the lightweight and durable nature of the can. But could one (or even two) of these dinky sandwiches on what looks like white bread (no fiber!) fill up a construction worker for a full day of manual labor? Even for a young child, do we want to teach the next generation that spreading two items on a slice of (hopefully whole grain) bread is "too much work"? If the Candwich ever does pop up in my grocery store, I will not be putting it in my cart.

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