Monday, March 1, 2010

Chinese Medicine- Fact or Fiction?

I first experienced Chinese massage at a Relief Society function in Hong Kong. I was thrilled when it was announced that we would be learning massage. Then we just sat around pressing different points on our own bodies! I felt disappointed and didn't think it felt good at all.

I didn't really "get it" until I had a companion who had severe problems with her hand. An elderly member of our ward was a Chinese masseuse who offered to work on her hand for free. I accompanied her to these appointments and listened to her cries of pain without a bit of jealousy.

One day, the good man turned to me at the conclusion of the appointment and asked if I was sore. I assured him I was ok as I was, but he strode up to me, grabbed my shoulder and squeezed. For about a minute, I yelped in pain. However, when he released, it felt like every muscle in my back relaxed. I became a believer in acupressure!

Another question I have that's related to reflexology is this: The center of my feet are always sore to the touch. According to this diagram, this part corresponds with the digestive organs. I wonder if this could be related to my IBS issues? I wonder how much truth there is behind it!

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