Friday, March 26, 2010

Making Your Own Dreams Come True

"Do something every day that scares you."-Eleanor Roosevelt

Sometimes I wonder how many things in life we miss out on because of fear, be it insecurity and self-doubt, or just the fear of failure. Although I have experienced these in my life in the past, I am getting to a point of greater stability where I am making an effort to stop listening to the voice in my head that says I can’t and just do things that I want to do. Here are some recent examples:

1) I began taking a yoga class to pursue a long-time desire to learn that had previously always landed squarely in the "someday" category. I was nervous to try yoga because of my limited flexibility and minimal upper body strength. However, I discovered something that I truly enjoy and which nurtures the body, mind and spirit. I can't always do all of the poses or hold them for long, but it's a start down a road that I've been sitting and staring at for a long time.

2) I planned a dinner party, although I have always worried about not being a good enough hostess/cook/conversationalist/etc. I realized that I’m never going to learn how to entertain if I don’t invite friends over, so I’m going for it! (And I'm really excited to plan it, too!)

3) On the booking-reading social network, I couldn’t find a group to cater to my interest in Food Writing, so I formed my own group. My first impulse was to negatively wonder: "What if no one joins and I look like a loser?" But then a positive voice shot back, "What if people with the same interests do join? What if I can learn more about something that interests me? Why not?"

I am slowly learning to tune into the positive voice and shut out the negative one. I once heard that almost all women (in particular) struggle at times with a negative head voice, or negative self-talk. Maybe the negative head voice is the real enemy for us. Perhaps the only thing holding us back from living the life of our dreams is our own underestimation of our potential. If so, the possibilities are thrilling.


  1. You are so amazing! For one, I am impressed that you are so active in accomplishing your goals and you are doing it with such vigor and excitement. I'm also confused that GoodReads doesn't have a Foodie category. Don't food books take up a third of Borders?

  2. Stacy, I found your blog through Goodreads and have browsed through it a little bit a few times. You're interested in a lot of the same things I am and it's been fun to read! Thanks for inviting me to be your friend on Goodreads and for the food lit invite. I have done yoga on and off, mostly self-taught through videos and books, I've only been to a few classes, but I love it and it helps me so much in so many ways, mind and body. I tend to get out of the habit, though, and really need to start again. That's great that you're giving it a try!

  3. Nice to meet you, Kathy! I love to make new connections! Sometimes, I admit, it seems like added stress to make it to my yoga class on time right after work (and therefore counter-productive!) but overall, I'm always glad when I go.

  4. congratulations on your courage to knock those things off your list. it is so odd and coincidental that you have been thinking these thoughts and feeling this way. almost every conversation i've had in the past few weeks has been focused on just this subject! i feel like there's been a wave of personal positive revolutions lately. i have also been fighting through those negative self talks only to find great things on the other side. so, cheers to us and again, yay for you! i really enjoy your blog!

  5. Thanks, Grace! I agree with you. When I started blogging, I promised myself that I would only write about positive and uplifting subjects. It's taken several reminders, but I'm grateful that so far I've been able to maintain it as a positive asset to my life and hopefully to others as well!


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