Tuesday, March 2, 2010

My Fascination with CSAs Will Soon Come to Fruition!

Imagine this: Locally grown, organic fruits and vegetables delivered in a box to your door regularly. Could anything be better than that? Amazingly, that's exactly what you sign up for when you patronize a CSA (community supported agriculture) program.

When I was a kid, I loved to grow vegetables and pick fruit off our trees. Nothing beats the taste of freshly picked produce. Living in an apartment now, it's not something I can easily access. It seems that the next best thing would be a box of produce from a CSA program.

I have been wanting to try a CSA program for over a year now. The cost put me off for a while, but really it's not as bad as I expected. For example: at Farm Fresh To You, located in the Capay valley, the boxes start at $25 a box, and you can control how often your deliveries come. Your produce box includes a letter from Thaddeus the farmer on the progress of the crops, as well as recipes using the contents of the box. I get excited just thinking of all the experimentation a mystery box of goodies would lead to!

When the year progresses into the more productive months (ie, late spring/early summer), I think I am finally going to take the plunge and see what old Thaddeus will bring to my door.

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