Monday, March 29, 2010

An Unexpected Shout Out Makes My Day

A blog is a funny thing. One moment, you may feel as if you're sending your words and thoughts into the black hole of cyberspace, somewhat anonymously; then the next, you connect with a stranger or get a shout out on another blog and suddenly, your invisibility cloak is swept away. (I like to throw in a good Harry Potter reference where I can, though I'll never forgive Rowling for doing away with Dumbledore. Never, I say!)

I have been blessed to make several new friends through blogging this week, and also be recognized by my friend Mark on his own blog, Noce Stories. Mark is a skilled writer and probably on his way to becoming a published author, so check out his blog for bragging rights that you knew him before he was a household name. My favorite quote from his review of my blog was was this:

"One part cookbook, one part philosophical, and two parts fun, “In Search of the Finer Things” appeals to pretty much anyone with a soul!"

See how articulately he summarizes everything I post? And here I thought it was just stream-of-conscious randomness. I only hope to live up to this praise! Thanks, Mark! Keep up the good work with your writing.


  1. That was a good one, especially the first paragraph :-)

  2. It's easy to praise your blog...because it's awesome! BTW, thanks to you I've totally gotten my officemates into Jamie Oliver as well:)


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