Wednesday, March 17, 2010

A St. Patrick's Day Quiz - How Well Do You Know the Holiday?

How did you celebrate St. Patrick’s Day? Our small law office had a potluck - all employees brought something green or Irish to share!

The spread was impressive, and included: lime green punch (orange and pineapple juice, ginger ale, and green jello mix); fried cabbage (contributed by a good ole Southern gal); glazed corned beef and Irish stew; Irish soda bread; green salad; green jello with whipped cream frosting (and pineapple - not crushed, nor tidbits, nor chunks, but rings for some reason. Yes, it was brought by a male); green shamrock cupcakes; and a pistachio cream cheese pie.

All of these delicacies were enjoyed with my husband’s selection of traditional Irish jig tunes (that he procured from who knows where, but they really added a festive ambiance!). We even held a contest of wits, awarding a prize to the person with the highest score on a quiz I personally put together for the occasion. Care to try your luck?

1) What city famously dyes their river green with vegetable dye in honor of this holiday?
a) Dublin b) Philadelphia c) Chicago d) St. Louis

2) In the US, Irish ancestry is the second most frequently reported race, second to:
a) English b) Spanish c) German d) Mexican

3) Where are the two biggest celebrations of this holiday held in the US? (1pt each)
a) Pittsburgh b) Los Angeles c) New York d) Boston

4) In Ireland, St. Patrick’s Day was traditionally a religious occasion, for which the pubs were closed. When did this policy (and the nature of the holiday) change?
a) 1895 b) 1785 c) 1995 d) 1965

5) Irish ranks in the top 5 ancestry in every state except these two (1 pt each):
a) Texas b) Hawaii c) New Mexico d) Arizona

6) Which of the following states is Irish NOT in the leading ancestry:
a) Vermont b) Delaware c) New Hampshire d) Massachusetts

7) St. Patrick was born in:
a) a barn to poor parents b) Britain to wealthy parents c) What is now France to pagan parents

8) After being kidnaped by Irish raiders from his home, St. Patrick spent six years in captivity working as a(n):
a) shepherd b) priest c) carpenter d) sailor

9) St. Patrick studied for how long in order to become a priest:
a) two years b) seven months c) five years d) fifteen years

10) True or false: St. Patrick is credited with introducing Christianity to Ireland.

11) True or false: St. Patrick drove all of the snakes out of Ireland. That is why the island to this day is snake-free.

1) c
2) c
3) c and d
4) c
5) b and c
6) a
7) b
8) a
9) d
10) F (There were already a small number of Christians in Ireland, and his mission included both ministering to them and to the pagan population)
11) F (This is a popular, but not necessarily literally factual, myth)


  1. I know NOTHING about Irish history, well until I took this quiz. I love Lord of the Dance though!

  2. Very awesome quiz! I must admit some of these questions truly stumped me...but that's what the answer column is for:)


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