Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Best Prepared Indian Food?

I received a wonderful basket of prepared sauces from a friend recently, and we have been testing them. I already gave high marks to the W-S Sloppy Joe starter. Tonight, we sampled a Coconut Tamarind Curry sauce made by Maya Kaimal. I have also tried the Tikka Masala sauce made by the same brand and I am very impressed with their products.

Indian food is tricky. I have tried multiple kinds of prepared Indian dishes, from frozen to canned to pouches and most were inedible, to be honest. Maya Kaimal has offered the best made-at-home option that I've found. It couldn't be easier to make- just brown the meat/fish, add in vegetables of your choice, simmer in the sauce for a few minutes, and serve it up over basmati rice.

The products are available at, some Williams-Sonoma stores, some Whole Foods Markets, and other grocers depending on the area. More info can be found at

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