Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Ode to A Hole-in-the-Wall

Last weekend, my parents asked me for a recommendation on where to eat for dinner. Hm, what to suggest? I find it easy to recommend a places that I am passionate about; a bit tricker is hitting the right spot for someone with different tastes that you. For example, I knew that my parents prefer quiet dining ambience with ordinary American dishes.

I briefly flipped through the newspaper and saw "Evan’s Kitchen" mentioned; the name struck a chord and I recalled hearing good things about it. I consulted yelp and saw that the menu looked like ordinary, American food, and that the location was unassuming. Sounded like a match!

My parents said they were a little leery of the dive-like exterior appearance of Evan’s Kitchen, but completely won over by the quality of this little place. The next day they enthusiastically informed me that they had never had better service, the place was bustling but quiet, and the food was to die for! They couldn’t wait to take my husband and I there sometime.

They even shared their leftover steak and prawns and this dish (which under normal circumstances would have produced a yawn from me) turned out to be bathed in a delicious herb and butter sauce, served next to mashed potatoes fit for the gods! And I don’t even like mashed potatoes - ever!

This experience made me truly grateful for the small businesses out there that still offer genuine quality behind a mediocre appearance. Here’s to all of those amazing hole-in-the-wall eateries! May they thrive even in the rough economic times we live in through our continued patronage and loyalty.

(More information on Evan’s Kitchen, including restaurant hours and menus, can be found at: Chefevan.com)

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