Tuesday, February 23, 2010

What Type of Yogi Are You?

My recent discovery, since discovering the world of yoga, is a company called Gaiam. Their slogan: “A lifestyle company.” They sell everything from natural fiber furniture and bedding to organic yoga clothes and exercise DVDs.

I was browsing some of the information they offer on their website and found a fun little quiz called, “What kind of yogi are you?” The test supposedly tells you what kind of yoga would be best matched to your personality. When I took this quiz, I was equally parts “Neat Freak” and “Frazzled”. Don’t I sound like a charmer? Hopefully, the yoga class I’ve been taking may help me curb my occasionally neurotic tendencies. Here’s the link for the quiz, if you’d like to find out what your yoga personality is:



  1. ...what if I'm a firecracker of a frazzled neat-freak? oh...

  2. I'm a neat freak, and slightly frazzled. At least I'm in good company!

  3. Nice! Alright, Tiffany, what's the verdict?


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