Friday, February 5, 2010

A Failed Attempt to Make Meat Sauce

My increasing dependence on my slow cooker converged with a craving for pasta lately. The results were less successful than I would have liked. It seemed so logical- what could be better than coming home to a piping hot bowl of meat sauce? I combined the usual ingredients - lean ground meat, beef broth, tomatoes, spices, sugar, onions and garlic. That night, I served the sauce over Williams-Sonoma pasta... but even that wasn’t enough to save it!

I learned that when you cook meat sauce in tomato sauce all day, the meat takes on a texture similar to that of dog food. Maybe it’s the acidity of the tomatoes breaking down the enzymes of the meat. Whatever the cause, I won’t attempt to use this method to make meat sauce again.

By the way, my husband’s reaction: "Good sauce." That’s why I love him.

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