Friday, February 12, 2010

One TV Show I Can't Wait to Watch

I try to avoid TV in general, as I find that there are hundreds of things that I could be doing with my time than sitting in front of a box. However, I must confess I feel a great deal of interest and anticipation regarding British chef Jamie Oliver’s upcoming reality tv show.

I’m not sure when “Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution” is slated to start, but I understand that the basis of the show will be Oliver touring America's unhealthiest cities and giving the residents good-food makeovers using local resources. The show is going to be produced by Ryan Seacrest.

Let’s see.... sexy famous chef with a killer accent, boasting loads of natural charisma and passion for fresh, easy food, making over the diets of fat Americans who are willing to change... Yes, that sounds captivating! When do we start?


  1. I just went to ABC's web site and discovered that the show is set to deput on March 26th! Must I wait so long?


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